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Lucknow Public School, Asthal Mandir Marg, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi is run by Lucknow Public Educational Society. We believe in expansion of quality learning; therefore, new branch of LPS was started in New Delhi, where direction of quality teaching is life-oriented, value-based and result-oriented according to global educational advancement. At LPS, 'No Bag System' in Pre-primary classes is followed in order to avoid stress and tedium in toddlers and we focus on academic results as well as competitive exams in all the classes. Offering world class infrastructure, visionary educators of missionary zeal, we hail Delhiites and the people of the adjoining areas to join us in the making of the nation.

Why LPC?

LPC has been following the motto "Excellence for all Excellence from all". It has always been an epitome of excellence in the field of education delivering meritorious students year by year. Excellent education is the key to achieve dreams. Committing to our mission and giving back to others , our students can reshape history and write a new story for themselves .We start each school day with three goals , every student feels truly loved and cared for, learning is both rigorous and joyful as well as students are prepared for success in college and beyond.

What are the attractions of LPS Sangam Vihar, New Delhi?

Lucknow Public College, Asthal Mandir, Sangam Vihar, New Delhi has teachers who are kind and helpful to improve students' academic abilities . We provide substantial support, frequent practice in both oral and written communication. We focus on all round development of a child, encourage appropriate parental involvement and provide a beautiful infrastructure. We have introduced online classes, online admissions and online summer camp to make our children excel in present scenario.

Is there any special focus or philosophy that sets the school apart?

All schools are 90% the same and 5% different. We have always challenged that view. We believe , value and understand an individual with respect to education . We provide holistic and elementary education including facts , skills , physical discipline , music and art. We produce guardians of the nation who care for the less able.

The Best Institution For Education of your child.

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